Hydraulic valves

Directional control valves

Solenoid valves are used in hydraulic circuits to control the direction of the flow. Spool types, two or three position direct/piloted versions equipped with high performance threaded solenoids.
New construction concept includes: new compact design, wet solenoid for maximum reliability and wide range of spools for various directional functions.

4WE - 4WEH series

The directional control valves have high flow and pressure ratings that assure low pressure drop and maximum performance. This type/series of valves is interchangeable to all the major hydraulic directional valves like Rexroth 4WE6 – 4WE10 Vickers DG4V-3 – DG4V-5 Denison 4D01 – 4D02


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Max flow (L/min):

Max working pressure:
up to 315 bar

Cetop 3, Cetop 5, Cetop 7 and Cetop 8

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